Can Voxeljet AG's (ADR) New VX2000 Printer Keep Shares From Crashing?


German 3-D printer manufacturer Voxeljet AG just launched its VX2000 printer at EuroMold 2013, as reported by tct Mag. EuroMold is one of 3-D printing's biggest annual trade shows, and it's where companies typically make their biggest announcements.

Meet voxeljet's newest gargantuan printer

The VX2000: Photo: Voxeljet AG.

Voxeljet is well known for its record-breaking VX4000 3-D printer, which can print out massive 4x2x1 meter objects in one single print run and is famous for printing out an Aston Martin DB5 for use in the James Bond movie Skyfall. The new VX2000 printer is one size smaller than the mammoth VX4000, and prints out objects as big as 2x1x1 meters.

This printer was created to provide a printer with specifications between the VX1000 and VX4000 and is probably an attempt to have more offerings at different price points to sell to customers.

Will this printer move the needle for the company?
A price wasn't released for the VX2000, but it's safe to say it has to be between around $1 million, given that its larger brother, the VX4000, is around $2 million. That's a huge capital investment for most companies and will probably limit customers to large businesses.

Motley Fool analyst Blake Bos says he isn't too excited about the VX2000, but his opinion doesn't mean it won't sell. Investors should keep an eye on printer sales through the next year -- you'll be able to tell if these are selling by looking at printer sales data in the quarterly and annual reports. Blake thinks It's more likely this printer will be used in the company's service centers.

Final takeaway
For Voxeljet's shares to continue climbing in the face of a sky-high $584 million valuation, investors need to see further increases in new printer sales and service revenues.
Voxeljet continues to be the most expensive 3-D printing stock to invest in and is Blake's least favorite of the bunch because of its valuation in relation to its past growth. That doesn't mean Blake's skepticism is wrong, but caution should be advised when speculating on this recently public 3-D printing company.

For more information on the new VX2000 and what it means to investors watch the following video below as Blake dives into the details.

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Editors' Note: article previously stated market cap was equal to $400 million, market cap is actually $584 million. The Motley Fool apologizes for and regrets this error.

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