Kim Kardashian, Kayne West May or May Not Be Getting Married at the Palace of Versailles

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Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are planning on getting married at the Palace of Versailles, "Us Weekly" reports. E! Online, however, disagrees, quoting Kardashian's rep who said those rumors were "absolutely false."

The one-time hunting lodge of French king Louis XIII, the Palace of Versailles was expanded by Louis XIV, who moved the French court there in 1682. The Palace, renowned for its Hall of Mirrors and gardens, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for more than 30 years. And "Travel + Lesiure" ranked it as the 39th most-visited tourist attraction in the world, with 5.9 million annual visitors.

Previously, the most famous marriage to take place at the palace was between the future French king Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Both were later executed.

Kardashian And West To Marry At Palace Of Versailles?
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