Remain Flexible On Your Job Hunt

Businessman balancing to two chairs holding laptop
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By Hannah Morgan

Wouldn't it be great if everything just stayed the same for awhile? It is tiring to have to learn how to use a new smartphone or figure out the latest gadget. In a world that changes quickly, you have to learn to keep morphing, adjusting and adapting to stay current and marketable. The job search is all about adapting and adjusting to yield positive results.

Your career is in beta mode. In "The Start-up of You," Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, talks about being in constant beta – a state of trial, readiness to implement change and reinvention. Why is this important? Perhaps you noticed that the job you were hired to do is no longer the job you still perform exactly the same way. Processes change. Technologies update. Resources disappear and you're asked to do more with less. To keep your sanity, you have to adapt to this constant state of change. Your ability to flex , bend and your resiliency is what will help keep your skills and perspective fresh and desirable.