Doctor Who: Legacy Review

It's far from unusual to see a mobile game accompany the release of a new installment of a film or TV series, but what's less common is for the gameplay toactually be quite good. Fortunately, Doctor Who: Legacy is a game that can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best match-three games, as well as provide plenty of references to make hardcore fans smile.

The Good

Not only is Doctor Who: Legacy very nicely presented, with plenty of episodes to work through and lots of famous characters to add to your fighting team, the actual matching mechanics feel refreshingly different. You can move gems freely around the board to complete your turn, which allows you to build more complex strategies with ease. You'll face off against a wide range of foes from the Doctor Who universe, and each team member comes with their own attack bonuses for tackling certain enemies. So as well as adding a fresh twist to the typical match-three gameplay, Legacy also offers up considerably more strategic depth via its team combat system.

The Bad
Legacy is very generous with its free-to-play business model, but if you want to unlock some of the most prestigious characters, you're going to need to spend some money on special crystals. To be fair, there's a lot of content to be enjoyed for free, but it's something hardcore fans should keep in mind. We'd also like to have seen more interesting animations throughout the game, and while the artwork is pretty, the overall presentation is very stiffly framed.

The Verdict
Doctor Who strikes a solid blow against the cynics who expect every film and TV tie-in to be a souless cash-grab. Instead, it's a very smart match-three game that offers up a surprising amount of content for a low price indeed.

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