The Best Things to Buy in December

Smiling Black man using elliptical machine, wife using hand weights

With Thanksgiving come and gone, and Black Friday just a memory, it's officially time to think about December holidays. While evergreen trees and twinkly lights have been on display since even before Halloween, now's the time that everyone really gets into the festive spirit.

Believe it or not, now is not the best time to purchase all your holiday decor, so hopefully you're able to pull out your favorite pieces from storage. (Psst:The best time to buy holiday swag is after the holidays, when all the retailers put it on clearance.) With that said, there are some items that are best to buy in December.


One might expect champagne prices to skyrocket come December, a month when festive gatherings are frequent and excuses to pop open a bottle of bubbly are common. Nope: Champagne is actually one of the best buys in December. %VIRTUAL-article-sponsoredlinks%According to Sharon Castilla, director of the Office of Champagne, Champagne prices drop in anticipation of New Year's Eve. Because champagne is in such high demand at this time of year, retailers try to out-deal each other in an effort to gain more business. Consumers win in this bottle battle.


Black Friday originated as an almost exclusively electronics-based bonanza. It has blossomed into so much more, but there's definitely no shortage of electronics deals. Fortunately for buyers who weren't brave enough to venture into the Black Friday frenzy, those hot prices on TVs, cameras, computers, tablets and other electronics continue well into December. In fact, you'll see cuts on electronic prices through February.

Fitness Apparel and Equipment

Making a fitness- or health-related resolution for 2014? Don't wait until January to stock up on essentials. Shop for athletic apparel and equipment now, before prices shoot through the roof on Jan. 1. In December, before the New Year's resolution crowd start shopping, you'll have no problem finding yoga pants, sports bras, sneakers and athletic tops on sale. Fitness equipment and DVDs are also some of the best buys in December.

Conditioning Products

From lip balms to deep hair conditioners to heavy-duty skin creams, any product that moisturizes is a hot seller throughout winter. And that's why companies vie for your patronage by offering sweet deals and a bountiful supply of coupons. Subscribe to your favorite stores' email lists to stay in the know regarding upcoming sales. Many companies also send out coupons exclusive to those on their subscriber list.

Wedding Dresses

If it seems a little weird to you to buy a wedding dress in December, know you're not the only one who thinks so -- and that's the point. Throughout the holiday months, many engaged couples put wedding planning so far down on their priority list that retailers in the nuptials business experience a serious drop in sales. As a result, they create enticing promotions to lure in buyers. If you're planning a spring or summer wedding, shop for your dress now, before prices start creeping up again.