The Best World of Warcraft Etiquette Tips

Advanced WoW Tips - MMO Etiquette
New to the wonderful World of Warcraft? Don't worry - expert MMO player Steve Haines has some advice for you: namely, be polite. "It's easy to forget there are real life humans behind the characters you see on the screen," says Haines. "You don't have to belittle or berate anybody."

Just like in real life, Haines says it's in your best interest to play nice when you introduce yourself to someone. "Using derogatory language or slurs with a person you've just met is completely the wrong way to introduce yourself," he says. Another tip? "Don't beg."

Since WoW is such a user-generated experience, it pays off to use proper manners and pay attention to how you're coming across. Watch the video above for more specific tips, like what's okay to talk about in guild chats, and feel free to add your own tips in the comment section below.

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