Save When You Send Holiday Cards -- Savings Experiment

Save When You Send Holiday Cards
Save When You Send Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a great way to show loved ones you're thinking about them, but with today's high postage rates, Christmas greetings aren't cheap. Here's how to save on your seasonal mail.

A stamp currently costs 46 cents, which, when multiplied by your many friends and relatives, can add up. However, it only costs 36 cents to send a postcard.

So, the easiest way to lower the cost of postage is to cut your cards in half -- literally. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut your card at the crease. Use the picture half as a postcard and you'll save ten cents per card.

As for the leftovers, blank envelopes always come in handy, and you can use the extra card stock for recipes or notes. Use these easy tips and you'll be able to save a pretty penny.

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