PS4 Outsells Xbox One in Europe; Fanboys Everywhere Rejoice

PlayStation Gang reports that the PS4 has officially out-sold its rival, the Xbox One, on opening day in the UK. Since its launch on Friday, it has sold over 250,000 units (by comparison, the XBox One managed to sell 150,000 units during the same period).

And let's talk about the poor Nintendo Wii for a moment - if this number is accurate, it means that the PS4 will have outsold the Wii's lifetime sales in only 2 days. Yikes.

In celebration of the PS4's success, here's a video of engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori taking apart the entire console bit by bit. Take a peek inside and learn how all the parts of this magnificent machine work together!

PlayStation 4: Unboxing the New Game Console
PlayStation 4: Unboxing the New Game Console

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