Lindsay Lohan is Suing GTA's Developers

Does the lovely lady in the picture above look like Lindsay Lohan to you? Lilo thinks so, and she's suing Rockstar Games because of it. TMZ reports that Lohan's lawyers are drafting a lawsuit that would require GTA's developer to pay "serious money for using Lindsay's image in the game."

Lohan's main complaints stem from the fact that she looks sort of like the woman in the above image and that there are two missions that involve Lindsay-esque antics (escaping the paparazzi and photographing her having sex on camera a the Chateau Marmont, where Lohan once lived).

Rockstar hasn't responded to the allegations yet, but we're pretty sure nothing will come of it. First, the bikini-clad vixen on the cover looks like any number of blonde models (Kate Upton, anyone?). Second, evading paparazzi and getting caught with a sex tape are par for the course with today's celebrities. And finally, according to the GTA wiki about "Lacey Jonas" - the character in the missions that supposedly resembles Lindsay - refers to her as "the voice of this generation." We're pretty sure that's a nod to a decidedly non-Lohan female celebrity. [via GameZone]

And if this post managed to pique your interest in GTA 5, check out some of the gameplay in the video below and one day you too could be chauffeuring Lindsay - err, Lacey - around the streets of Los Santos.

CGR Trailers - GRAND THEFT AUTO V Official Gameplay Video
CGR Trailers - GRAND THEFT AUTO V Official Gameplay Video

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