3 Holiday Deals for the Investor on Your Christmas List

3 Holiday Deals for the Investor on Your Christmas List

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the official start of the Christmas shopping season. It's a time when men, women, and children unite to spend money, send retailers to profitability, and start spreading holiday cheer.

And, unfortunately, they also run up credit card debt, spend savings, and generally forget all the financial discipline of the other 11 months of the year. So for the Foolish among you, I have scoured the Internet to bring you holiday deals for the investor on your Christmas list. Happy shopping!

Free cash
Capital One Financials' foray into the real of online only banking services has been a cornerstone of the company's diversification strategy over the past few years. This holiday season, the bank is promoting this business with some free cash for new savers.

Click over to the bank's Black Friday page to check out the full details, but up for grabs are a handful of new account bonuses, free trades, and discounts on mortgage loans.

  • Open a new checking account and receive a $125 bonus.

  • Sign up for a new savings account and receive a $75 bonus.

  • Open a brokerage account and make three trades to receive a $150 bonus.

  • Open a new IRA and receive up to $1,000 in free money.

Save on fees and maximize savings
American Express is currently offering to waive fees on the purchase of AmEx label prepaid gift cards. A prepaid gift card is perhaps not the best gift for a saver or investor, however, it could be the cherry on top of a gift of a high-yield savings or certificate of deposit through the company's bank subsidiary.

Speaking of high-yielding accounts, Everbank , another online bank similar to Capital One 360, is currently offering a "Yield Pledge Money Market" account that the bank guarantees will pay in the top 5% of its peer group. Throw in a yield bonus for first-time account holders, and this could be an opportunity to get your child or grandchild off to a sound start saving, investing, and taking an interest in personal finance.

Make this year about responsible personal finance
Banks in general don't participate in the chaos and price slashing of Thanksgiving weekend we see in the retail sector, and that's unfortunate.

The holiday season is all too often a trap for running up credit card debt, spending hard-earned savings, and generally setting up the new year for financial hardship. Don't let that happen this year.

Instead, make this holiday season a Foolish one, and give the gift that keeps on giving: compound interest. Happy Holidays!

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