Rayman Fiesta Run iOS Review

Did you love Rayman Jungle Run? You did? Good, then go buy and download Rayman Fiesta Run. Fiesta Runimproves on everything set up by its free-running predecessor, making it a must-have game for anyone with a smart phone. With an already impressive dose of Rayman released withRayman Legends, Fiesta Runbrings the series to new heights.

Rayman Fiesta Run - Developer Diary

You have the option to buy Lums to speed up your progression through the game, which feels like a weird thing to include in a game you're already paying $2.99 for. A large part of the experience of Fiesta Run is the struggle for 'Perfect' scores so you can progress.

It comes down to memorization and reaction time, not spending real money to progress. I wish there wasn't the option for microtransaction in the game at all. Obviously, I didn't spend any money.That little gripe aside, Rayman Fiesta Run is a must-buy game. It's right up there with the best games I've played on a smartphone or tablet. It's a gorgeous, fun platforming/free-running game that has hours and hours of fun in store for you.

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