PS Vita Doesn't Compare To Wii U GamePad Off TV Play

Digital Foundry put the Remote Play feature of the Vita and PS4 through some testing. According to them, Vita's Remote Play doesn't really provide the same great experience Wii U owner's get from the Off TV Play feature using the GamePad. The full article about the Vita Remote Play testing and results can be read at Digital Foundry. Here are some quotes from the feature article that talk about the comparison between Vita's Remote Play and Wii U's Off TV play.

PlayStation 4 Remote Play with the PS Vita

Nintendo Unveils Wii U Gamepad at E3

"There's a really high expectation level with Vita Remote Play because the core technology has been proven to work on not one, but two different systems – the excellent Wii U GamePad and Nvidia's Shield handheld."

"Image quality generally looks pretty decent [on Vita], but despite the resolution advantage, it's far from the high quality presentation we get from the Wii U – closer to the picture you tend to get from Nvidia Shield, but still notquite up to scratch."

"We can also confirm that Vita Remote Play does indeed run at 30fps – a commonality it shares with the current version of the Nvidia Shield software (though this is set to be addressed in next month's update, which should offer 720p60 – and even 1080p60 if you tether via USB), but a world away from the beautiful, full 60Hz refresh of the Nintendo GamePad."

"In truth, while image quality and frame-rate matter, the more readily apparent issue is the size of Vita's screen – lining up shots in Killzone and Battlefield 4 proved extremely difficult because the targets were so small. It's surprising just how much of a difference that extra inch on the GamePad's display makes."

"It was perhaps a bit much to hope that Vita Remote Play could match up to the Wii U GamePad, or even Nvidia Shield's performance. Nintendo built its system around its controller – ultra low latency was built into the design, while Vita Remote Play simply doesn't have that priority for Sony."

"However, whether we're talking about image quality, latency, frame-rate – or the simple fact that 1080p gaming doesn't always translate well to a five-inch screen – we couldn't help but feel that we were getting a less than ideal experience, and that nothing compares to just picking up the Dual Shock 4 and playing PS4 games in the conventional way."

"As it stands, PS4′s Vita Remote Play functionality is a really cool value-added extra, but while fun, it can't really be compared with the Wii U GamePad experience."

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