The PS4's Trophies are Great for Gaming. Here's Why

One of the most interesting innovations of gaming's last generation was the Xbox 360's Gamerscore system. Achievements felt like a natural extension of something games already did. Gamers have always strove to accomplish goals for their own satisfaction. Achievements gave them something mildly tangible in return. Sony and Valve quickly jumped on the achievement train, and they've been an integral part of gaming ever since.

This generation, Sony's taken things to the next level with the PS4's new trophy system. In addition to the various rankings denoting difficulty - bronze, silver, gold, and platinum - trophies will now have a rarity level. Trophies that tons of players have earned will be designated as common, while trophies that fewer players have earned will be classified as rare, very rare, and ultra rare. Rarity levels will continually update, so only the most challenging of trophies will hold their value...

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