Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for iPhone [Review]

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Cheats And Tips |Review

Castle of Illusion is one of the most beloved 16-bit Genesis games of all time. Nostalgia being as bankable as it is, it was no surprise to see Sega team up with Disney Interactive Studios to revamp the game and bring it to consoles earlier this year. Despite mixed reviews at launch, the game's now available to download from the App Store. Thankfully, the touchscreen version is better, and while it's short, it's also full of imaginative levels from forests, to toy-filled kids rooms, and other locations brimming with enemies and secrets.

The Good
Castle of Illusion benefits from an upbeat atmosphere throughout, regardless of the peril at hand, and this mood carries over into the soundtrack. Gamers can also expect quality visuals that really bring each environment to life, especially when it comes to the variety of enemies wandering about, from toy soldiers and planes, to feisty mushrooms and ghosts. As for the gameplay, there's plenty to like, particularly when it comes to exploring every inch to track down a variety of hidden items, like treasure chests, diamonds and apples - the latter of which Mickey can throw at enemies.

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