The Least Glamorous Xbox One Launch Ever

US Gamer was only assigned one Xbox One console, and its permanent home is on the East Coast. So what was writer Jaz Rignall to do on launch day? Buy his own, of course. This is the tale of one man who decides to forgo the glitzy launch parties and get his hands on a new Xbox the old fashioned way: by waiting in line outside of a Best Buy. Read on to find out what happens when journalists stop being pampered and start being real:

"The life of a games journalist isn't all champagne events and endless boxes of freebies and tchotchkes. Case in point, the launch of the Xbox One. USgamer was assigned just one unit, and over the past few weeks it's been on the road as our coverage workhorse. Its permanent home is now on the East Coast, which means that with me representin' on the West Coast, yo, I'm having to buy my own console.

So this week, with no preorder to rely on, I've been pondering which location would give me the best chance to secure one. I immediately thought of Microsoft's swanky flagship store in downtown San Francisco, since they're guaranteed to have stacks of systems. But at the same time, I assumed that since the store was having a huge, much-publicized launch party with guests and DJ's, it'd be like a zoo with queues a mile long. I applied the same logic to the big GameStop store close by. And indeed to the only Best Buy in San Francisco that was having a midnight opening.

So I looked further afield, and in the end decided that my best chance was to go somewhere inconvenient and out of the way - so I settled on a place called Colma, which I doubt you've ever heard of. It's a tiny town about 10 miles south of San Francisco which is most notable for being a place where the dead vastly outnumber the living..."

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