The Beginner's Guide to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

New to the land of Hyrule? No worries. Prima Games' Brandon Guerrie has the perfect guide to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World for beginner's. Read on for how to merge into walls, use weather vanes, and more. Good luck!

X Always Marks the Spot

If you're not sure where to go next, the destination is always marked on the touchscreen map with an X. You're capable of zooming in to get a better look. Every dungeon will also be placed on your map, but some require a bit more strategy to achieve access. Example: The Desert Palace can only be reached with the Sand Rod.

Merge into Walls

The biggest change in A Link Between Worlds is Link's new ability to merge into walls after completing Hyrule Castle. This nifty new feature allows you to slide into walls and navigate across areas in a different way. For example, perhaps you're stuck in a dungeon and you spot a switch on a far ledge that cannot be reached on foot. Try merging into the walls. You're capable of reaching inaccessible areas by sliding. This new feature plays a huge part in completing dungeons and evading enemy attacks. If you're surrounded by a large group of foes, try sliding into the wall to get away. Keep in mind that not all walls are available for merging; rocks may impede your progress.

Use Weather Vanes

You're introduced to weather vanes near the beginning of the adventure. These work as a save tool and checkpoints your progress. This is beneficial when venturing into dungeons; all of them have a mid-boss, and after you defeat them, an entrance portal is available. There's a lot to do in the dungeons, so don't forget to save your game – do it often! Additionally, once you meet up with Irene (the witch), weather vanes also work for fast-traveling – every one you've triggered can be used as a warp point; they're marked on your map.

Rent and Buy Items

A Link Between Worlds is a Zelda game. This means there are numerous dungeons, bosses and tricky puzzles you must endure to advance. However, A Link Between Worlds changes up the series' formula a bit – you can now tackle dungeons in any order you please. No longer are you acquired to claim a special item in each dungeon, but there are special hidden treasures in them. After you encounter Yuga and venture in Hyrule Castle, a mysterious fellow named Ravio will reconstruct Link's House into a shop. He offers a variety of weapons available for rent, and later, you'll be able to purchase them. Most of these items are required to gain entry to each dungeon; for example, for the Tower of Hera, you'll need the Hammer. Take note when carrying a rented item, you'll lose it upon death and have to rent it again.

Watch that Power Meter

Ditching the idea of quantity, every item and its use now relies on a single gauge: the Power Meter. This includes Link's merging ability. You can forget about searching for arrows or bombs. The items are purchased from Ravio's Shop, and deplete from the meter each time you use them. A forewarning: Using them too much will drain your meter quickly, and you'll have to wait awhile until you can use them again. Look for Power Potions to refill it.

How to get More Rupees

Rupees return in this game, and they're as important as usual. You'll want to save up all your cash for renting and buying weapons from Ravio. Enemies have a tendency to drop cash often. Additionally, you can find Rupees by cutting grass or venturing into hidden caves. More so, every dungeon features optional chests. When you obtain the compass, every chest in the dungeon will be marked on your map. It's well-worth taking your time and scouting each room, because many feature Silver Rupees (100) and Gold Rupees (300).

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