Sandy Hook Report References Lanza's Gaming


The official State report on Sandy Hook was released today. It details numerous aspects of the tragedy, including the report's purpose and scope, the specifics of the incident itself, and information about the shooter, Adam Lanza. As part of an attempt to profile Lanza, investigators reviewed his personal belongings, habits, psychology, and general personal history. The shooter's habit of playing video games is mentioned several times throughout the lengthy 44-page report, starting with an inventory of the video games he owned (the full report is available here):

Investigators describe Lanza's gaming habits as "often, both solo at home and online. They could be described as both violent and non-violent. One person described the shooter as spending the majority of his time playing non-violent video games all day, with his favorite at one point being 'Super Mario Brothers.'" Later in the report, under the "evidence examination" section, all of Lanza's consoles and games are catalogued and listed, right next to an inventory of "firearms and related evidence."

Since Columbine, many members of the public have singled out video games - especially violent ones - as being at least partially culpable in mass-shooting tragedies, with members of the gaming community vehemently denying these claims. With the release of the Sandy Hook report, it's a debate that is likely to re-open.