Amazon Deceives Customers With Fake Game "Sale"

Pure Nintendo reported earlier that Amazon was cutting prices on games for a special extended Black Friday sale. Supposedly, games go on sale at certain times during the next few days, giving everyone's credit card a little breather before the madness of America's most infamous shopping day. Amazon gets clicks, the consumer gets a deal, and everyone gets to spend this weekend sitting in front of the TV eating turkey and playing discounted Call of Duty: Ghosts like our forefathers intended.

But I headed over to Amazon to check out the deals, and things are not what they seem. Sure, "Skylanders Giants Portal Owner Pack" for Nintendo 3DS is discounted to $22.49 (from a regular $49.99), but the other games on sale - "Disney Princess: My FairyTale Adventure" for the Wii and "Borderlands 2" - aren't discounted at all. Oh, actually, "Borderlands 2" has 3 cents slashed off the original price. My mistake.

It's pretty shoddy of Amazon to promote a sale that's not really a sale at all. And yes, they might have some actual deals up their sleeve, but we won't know until prices are revealed at the time of the "sale." We've contacted Amazon and will update the post if they reply, but at this point, it's safe to say we're all off better hunting for deals on games somewhere else.

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