28 Tips for Surviving the Thanksgiving Eve Storm

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A major storm is predicted to slam the East Coast on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, historically the busiest travel day of the year.

According to Skye, "Heavy rain set to inundate the South on Tuesday will spread across the Carolinas and up the Northeast's I-95 corridor late Tuesday through Wednesday to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston." American Airlines already has canceled 950 flights.

If you're one of the 44.3 million people AAA estimates will be traveling this holiday, these guides should help make the experience a little less painful.

Condé Nast Traveler's "Thanksgiving Eve Storm: The Travel Tips You'll Need to Weather the Nor'easter"
  • Number of tips: 8
  • Best tip: "If your flight is cancelled, head for Vegas. Really: It has plenty of flights, many inexpensive hotels, and rarely has weather problems of its own to compound nationwide delays."

International Business Times's "Winter Storm Boreas: These are the 10 U.S. Airports Most Often Closed Due To Bad Weather"
  • Number of tips: 0
  • Best tip: It's implied, but try to avoid the 10 airports listed.

Johnny Jet's "What To Do: Weather Delays and Flight Cancellations"
  • Number of tips: 6
  • Best tip: "Get Help: In case you are in a real bind and didn't book through a travel agent you can call CrankyConcierge.com. For a fee they will help you make other flight arrangements, find a hotel or transportation and assist you in resolving disputes."

Los Angeles Times's "Thanksgiving Travel: Nine Things You Need to Know to Avoid Trouble"
  • Number of tips: 9
  • Best tip: "If you are going to miss your flight because of something you did, call the airline (and you'll have the number because you will have saved it after reading tip No. 3) and cancel or risk losing the value of your ticket."

AOL Travel's (Hey, that's us!) "5 Tips for Changing Travel Plans on Short Notice"
  • Number of tips: 5
  • Best tip: All of them. Hey, it's us!
Massive Weather System Threatens Thanksgiving Travel
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