Xbox One and PS4: The Best of Frenemies


Were we the only ones who noticed Sony's subtle dig at Microsoft's Xbox One? The ad certainly isn't shy about mentioning the 'jaw dropping graphics" to expect from their new next-gen console, but with Sony's 1080p resolution compared to the Xbox One's 720p, it's fair to say Sony's got some bragging rights.

But remember when Microsoft took the highroad and congratulated Sony on it's launch? Well, Sony returned the favor... but made sure to pat itself on the back and drop it's signature hashtag, #Greatnessawaits.

So what's the verdict? From their respective ad campaigns, it's clear Sony and Microsoft are in the midst of some seriously healthy competition. But even as a loyal Xbox gamer, I think the Playstation 4 has a lot more to offer and knows it. Next-gen here we come, cheers to frenemies!

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