The Top 15 Best iOS Games of 2013 That You Must Play

This is my list. There are many like it but this one is mine. While we're most likely going to come out with the authoritative guide to the best games of the year in a few weeks, I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorites from 2013. After all, Thanksgiving is coming and you know you want diversions from the inevitable albeit good-natured family dramas.

Ridiculous Fishing

Brightly colored and sharply angular, Ridiculous Fishing is, well, a little ridiculous. The fundamental conceit is simple enough: you're a career fisherman with an unerring fondness for your job. Each day, you cast your line into the water as deeply as possible in order to be able to snag the largest amount of fish. Each day, you drag your catch through the ocean and send them flinging into the air so you can .. shoot them. It's slightly bonkers but Vlambeer has a knack for making the strange work divinely. Ridiculous Fishing's basic idea is augmented by an appropriately insane upgrade system, a library of fish for you to collect and season with gunpowder, a faux social media service and even a coherent plot.

Price: $2.99


Hey? HEY! Did you want Zelda? On your iOS? A bit of Wind Waker to take wherever you go? Really? Awesome. Because Oceanhorn is impatiently waiting for you to love it. There's absolutely no way to mistake its influences. Oceanhorn bleeds Zelda from every pore. Except for the part that includes a princess. This action-adventure game has no princess. Instead, Cornfox & Bros will have you working to find your lost father and to learn more about an absentee mom, something that may be more identifiable than service to royalty. It's not without its problems. The soundtrack is superb but the controls are slightly obtuse. The boss battles are deeply enjoyable but conflict with eternally respawning enemy peons is much less so. Still. A Zelda-like. For the iOS.

Price: $8.99

Year Walk

Bleak, minimal and absolutely unnerving, Year Walk's a stylish first-person puzzle game revolving around the eponymous Swedish myth. The idea behind a Year Walk, in case you were unfamiliar with the lore, is that folk wanting to look into the future will be able to do so if they fast for a day before meandering towards the local church at the stroke of midnight. Of course, such things come with complications. Monsters abound at such hours. You'll end up meeting many of these critters, in fact. Some of them will even demand your assistance in unsavory tasks, something you'll want to do if you desire to advance to your goal.

Price: $3.99

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