Woman Applies For Job at Sex Shop and Shoplifts Toy

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Some people apply for a particular job as a career move. Some apply just to bring in some money. But there's now a third category: people who fill out a job application as a cover for shoplifting a sex toy, as the SmokingGun reports.

And as 23-year-old LeAnn Frauens allegedly learned in Crestview, Fla., leaving your actual contact information on the form was probably not the best idea when a video camera catches the whole episode and a clerk remembers you.

According to the police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Gillian Monk, a clerk of Intimate Treasures, called the police to report a theft. She had noticed that a sex toy -- a "waterproof, true multispeed, 100% European Silicone, maximum intensity with minimum noise vibrator," according to Gawker -- had gone missing from its display.

Monk had reviewed surveillance video and found the incident, which she showed to Crestview police corporal Robert DeRoche. Two women -- Frauens and a Kayla Oeth --were looking at the toy display. Both women had left their names and phone numbers with Monk and had inquired about jobs at the store. Frauens began to handle one of the devices. As the police report then explains:

Oeth then walks over to a display close to the cash register, where Monk is standing. Frauens then bends at the waist and appears to be manipulating the device somehow by pulling on it. Frauens then puts the device back on the display. Oeth briefly returns to the display area but then goes up to the cash register to make a purchase. As Oeth arrives at the cash register, Frauens then hikes up her pants and picks up the device again. She is then observed concealing the device in the front of her pants as she moves away from the display and appears to look at another display.

The manipulation mentioned was reportedly Frauens slipping off a connector that was supposed to keep the device -- called an Evolved Short and Sweet and valued at $59.95 -- attached to the display. Frauens walked out the door without paying for the toy.

DeRoche went to find Frauens, who had left her actual name and address when asking about a job, found her, requested identification (she offered an ID card from Pennsylvania), and brought her to his patrol vehicle. He said that he wanted to discuss her recent visit to Intimate Treasures. Up until then, Frauens "appeared to have no idea" why the officer wanted to speak with her.

Instead of reciting the facts, DeRoche began to show her a copy of the surveillance video. Frauens said that she had been "very drunk" and didn't remember what happened. But at the point she hid the vibrator in her pants, she said, "Oh, my God. Look what I'm doing. Oh, my God, I'm gonna cry."

DeRoche gave Frauens a paper bag and asked her to retrieve the toy. She went into the house and returned in a few moments. When DeRoche looked into the bag, he saw the device, which "appeared to have been used and not cleaned." Ultimately, DeRoche got a warrant for her arrest on a charge of "retail theft" and Frauens turned herself in at the Okaloosa County Sheriff's office.
Okaloosa County Sheriff's DepartmentLeAnn Frauens after her arrest
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