Fake Xbox One Reviews Popping Up On Amazon


Just when we thought the Xbox and the PS4 fanboys had put away their respective dueling swords, and all of the gamers were tucked away in the privacy of their living rooms, happily playing with their respective consoles, disaster strikes in the form of some very suspicious Xbox reviews on Amazon. MegaGames reports that an overwhelming number of negative Xbox reviews have been showing up on the site recently, and most of them are from unverified purchasers, like the one below:

To be fair, there have been lots of reports of the Xbox One's disc drive malfunctioning. And consumers could have theoretically purchased the console from another source and then taken their anger to Amazon's review section. But it seems unlikely, especially considering the fact that when the PS4's infamous BLOD (Blue Light of Death) was called out by Amazon reviewers, most of them were Amazon Verified Purchasers. Only time will tell if these reviews are real, but until then, can't we all just quit trolling?