The Best Super Mario 3D World Multiplayer Tips

The newest addition to the Super Mario franchise is here, and it's awesome. Cat Mario is a welcome new addition, the playable characters all have great features, and, of course, the multiplayer option is a blast with friends. But gaming with others is tough, so our friends at Prima Games have put together a list of the best Super Mario 3D World Multiplayer Tips. They fall into the "naughty" or "nice" category, so it's all about what kind of gamer you are. Regardless of the route you take, have a blast and enjoy!

Super Mario 3D World Multiplayer Tips - The Naughty Approach

Steal the Crown
At the end of each level, the person with the highest score receives a crown. Complete the next course wearing this crown to score a point bonus. If you don't have this fine piece of headgear, you can attempt to outscore your friend the next time around, or steal it outright. Deliver a ground pound or Cat Power-Up Claw Dive within his or her vicinity to knock off the crown, then grab it. If you don't care about the crown and want to be mean, push or throw his or her highness into a pit and the crown will be lost for the rest of the level.

Take all the Power-Ups
Let's say someone on the team is small and in desperate need of a Super Bell or Fire Flower. Instead of letting your friend have it, take the Power-Up and continue on your way. Remember, the more points you have, the better chance at earning the crown.

Grab all the Coins
Similarly, you can always collect each and every gold coin.This ultimately means more 1-Ups and points for you. Too bad you won't have a Scrooge McDuck money bin to hold all this loot.

Pop the Bubbles
Players can press L or R to encase their hero inside an invincible bubble, which is a cool feature for inexperienced gamers. The only person who can pop a bubble is another player; all you have to do is touch it. Do this while the other player floats across a bottomless pit or bed of spikes.

Throw Friends into Enemies and Dangerous Objects
Press/hold Y or X to pick someone up. What you do with this person is entirely up to you. You could throw this unlucky player into a Piranha Plant. So mean!

Die Intentionally
Turns out, everyone shares lives in Super Mario 3D World. You can always sabotage the group by running into enemies, spikes and lava on purpose, essentially ruining the entire game. Not that you'd ever do something so dastardly, right?

Ground Pound like Crazy
The familiar Mario ground pound may have deadly consequences. Anyone near the vicinity (save for the person doing it) gets knocked back and stunned for a few seconds, leaving this person wide open to attack.

For the nicer approach, head over to Prima Games.

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