Super Smash Bros: A Retrospective

Today, partner site The Koalition has a much-appreciated retrospective on one of our all-time favorite games: Super Smash Bros. SSB was probably one of the most paradoxical multiplayer games: it was so much fun to play with friends, but it also made you want to, you know, yell a bunch and beat each other up. As writer Tom Skidmore puts it, "One minute you get on with your friends, the next minute you're throwing them out of your house." Here's an excerpt:

"Shame on you if you thought that Mario Party is the definitive party game. I can't put into words the mind numbingly repetitive nature of that game, instead let's talk about the repetitive nature of that one guy (ahem, me) who likes to spam Pikachu's Thunder attack.


Clearly the best character that ever graced Smash Bros, only made better by the inclusion of goggles, hats and later bandanas, but if you ever get the urge to play as a different character (we all have those days), Smash Bros still holds up rather well. Granted, the most fun you get out of this game, heck, all SSB games, is with, your friends. The somewhat limited character pool is definitely mitigated by constant speed and difference each battle takes and competitive battling aside, all of the characters are balanced pretty well..."

And here's a retro ad for the original N64 version:

For more - including which Pokemon got cut at the last second as a playable character - head over to The Koalition.

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