Plants vs. Zombies is Coming to Xbox


Everyone's favorite zombie-crushing game, Plants vs. Zombies, is moving from computer screens to the big screen of the Xbox! EA announced in a press release this morning that the award-winning game will be available to play on Xbox 360 and Xbox One starting mid-February. "Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is an action-packed third-person multiplayer shooter that puts players in the shoes - or roots - of their favorite characters from the popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise," says EA.

One of the game's producers, Brian Lindley, continues, "Gamers across the world have fallen in love with the Plants vs. Zombies characters and now they'll get to see them in an entirely new light. [The game] give[s] the series' fans and shooter players a fun, new experience that they'll both enjoy as they blast, chomp, and laugh their way through co-op and head-to-head online action."

We're looking forward to improved graphics, more landscapes, and a multiplayer feature - who wouldn't want to work with friends to ward off a zombie invasion? And just in case you missed the original, check it out here and play for free at our very own