Can the Xbox 1 Compete with the PS4? [Hardware Review]

The Xbox One has a lot to prove. For months, it's been trailing behind the PlayStation 4 in the blogosphere and in the gaming world, failing to properly rebuff Sony's claim that the PS4 is the console by gamers, for gamers. But pre-launch buzz is a very different thing than post-launch performance, and now, both consoles will be able to speak for themselves. US Gamer's John Benyamine goes in-depth with the Xbox One's hardware, examining everything from the media features, voice recognition, Kinect, updated controllers, and more. Here's a short preview of his review:

"I started gaming on an Atari 800 when I was just six years old. As I grew into my teens, Nintendo became my platform of choice, and by the time I was in college -- and using an N64 as my primary gaming machine -- I had already decided that I needed to be involved in the gaming industry on a professional level.

Now, a decade and a half later, I'm a dad to an awesome one-year old, but my parental duties coupled with my professional workload has resulted in my free time plummeting to almost nil. It's from this perspective that I'm reviewing Microsoft's eighth-generation machine, which has been in our possession since the beginning of last week. There are already plenty of reviews of the Xbox One from a hardcore gamer perspective, some excellent super-technical analyses, and of course a few cynical reviews by those who try to create controversy to justify their position as "games journalists" (and of course generate views for their web sites in the process)..."

Head over to US Gamer to read more. And Happy Gaming, Xbox One owners!

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