Steve Ballmer: Xbox's Number One Fan


Image via MegaGames

There's been some negative press about the Xbox One, particularly with regards to its launch games, but MegaGames reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has nothing but good things to say about the product. One would expect the CEO of Microsoft to praise one of its major products, but it's surprising that Ballmer - who is about to leave the company - specifically called it out in one of his last keynote speeches.

Ballmer called the Xbox top dog, and said it is "a reflection of what is possible when a company, our company, is unified under a common vision." He continued, saying that "this is really a signature moment in the transformation of the company. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to drive and define the next big thing."

It's possible that Ballmer praised the Xbox so highly because he sees it as a unification of Microsoft products. After all, the new console isn't just a gaming system: it has extensive media, video, and internet features that could bring Microsoft products like Bing and Skydrive into the spotlight. In turn, this could propel sales of Windows tablets and phones for consumers who want to integrate all media systems. Only time will tell if Ballmer's predictions come true.