Was the PS4 Sabotaged by Mistreated Foxconn Workers?

There have been rumors circulating recently regarding the PS4's numerous error codes, launch problems, and BLOD ("Blue Light of Death"). As it turns out, PS4 might have been sabotaged by workers at its production company, Foxconn, which has a long history of mistreating workers and being a generally shady operation.

According to an IGN forum member, a Foxconn intern recently posted on a popular Chinese messageboard stating, "since foxconn are not treating us well, we will not treat ps4 console well. The ps4 console we assemble can be turned on at best."

We haven't been able to verify that this is indeed a Foxconn employee, but since it was posted long before the launch of the PS4, it's definitely interesting. Sony is currently looking into the surprising number of consoles affected with BLOD, but hasn't made any comments about the Foxconn allegations. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

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