The New Xbox 1 Controller is Definitely Next-Gen


The Xbox One is nearly upon us, and our friends at Prima Games literally got their hands on the new controller. Their take? The new controller is "a good improvement over the Xbox 360 model. Even if somethings have condensed or changed to something simpler, it still feels like next-gen through and through - and that's what matters."

Some of the more noticeable changes include:

• Smaller size, from the unit as a whole to the D-pad and home button
• Repositioned home button (no more accidental hitting the home screen during frantic button mashing!)
• No more twistable pop-up D-pad
• Rumble system for the triggers specifically, not just the whole unit

We'd love to see a few custom controller covers (neon blue Halo controller, anyone?) but overall, this controller is awesome. We can't wait to test it out for ourselves!