Need a PS4? Head Over to eBay

Image via GameZone

If you're a gamer who forgot to pre-order a PS4 and they're out of stock at your local retailer, you might want to head over to eBay. GameZone reports that as of now, the site boasts nearly 13,000 PlayStation 4 listings, and even with inflated prices, buyers are flocking. And who can blame them when supply is running low and demand only continues to rise?

From November 15th through the 17th - the weekend that the PS4 launched - over 10,000 PS4 units were sold on eBay - which averages out to two consoles sold every minute. This isn't completely surprising, as it's a well-known phenomenon for people to purchase multiples of a console and then re-sell them later for a higher price, but the numbers are still impressive.

As Matt Liebl points out, re-selling consoles may be a shady moral move, but eBay sellers are totally in the clear from a legal standpoint. So the only person getting screwed over is, well, you: the consumer. Anyway, let this be a valuable lesson to us all: pre-order your consoles or be prepared to get screwed over on eBay. Happy Holiday shopping!

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