Kim Kardashian is Coming to Mobile Gaming

Kim Kardashian's latest venture is... mobile gaming? According to a press release from developer Glu Mobile, purveyors of decidedly non-Kardashian fare like Zombies Ate My Friends and Deer Hunter, the company "will partner with Kim Kardashian on the development of a new game that will include her likeness and voice. The title will allow players to navigate themselves into a successful Hollywood lifestyle with Kardashian as their celebrity mentor."

Apparently, Glu is planning to use some of Kim's massive social media presence (she's got 18 million Twitter followers, 15 million Facebook fans, and 11 million Instagram followers) to drum up a fanbase and attract players. It's scheduled to be released in Spring 2014, so expect more updates then, but in the meantime - what do you think it'll look like? Does level one involve releasing a sex tape? Do you beat the game when you marry Kanye West? And, most importantly: would you be interested in playing a "celebrity mentor" game with Kim Kardashian? [via Modojo]

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