"Flower" Still Wows on PS4

When Flower came out, it wowed the gaming world with its unusual gameplay and non-linear structure. There were no missions, no bosses, and your character wasn't even a tangible avatar - it was the wind. Flower was more of an experience than a traditional game, and it quickly became a darling of the indie gaming world. So how does it look on the PS4? The answer may not surprise you: it's amazing. Reviewer Jaz Rignall provides an in-depth review of why this is one previous gen game that's worth revisiting on a new console.

Given all the brand spanking new PlayStation 4 games that are available right now, I feel a bit of an idiot playing one that's some four years old. Particularly since it's pretty much the same thing as the prior-gen version. But then that's the power of Flower's longevity. It was cool back then, and it's still cool right now.

The big difference between now and then, however, is more pixels. This new version of Flower has been infused with a visual makeover that takes it up to full 1080p, 60 FPS loveliness, which is further enhanced by the PS4's better lighting. This time around, floating along as the wind itself is a richer, more detailed experience. Blades of grass sway and bend in the wind. Petals float even more delicately. It's all just super-chill and serene...

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