Forget the PS4 and Xbox One: Nintendo is Quietly Killing It

Lately it's been PS4 this, Xbox One that - and for good reason. Both consoles are bringing revolutionary features to next-gen gaming, and it's exciting for developers and gamers alike that they're finally being released onto the market. But there's one point everyone seems to be forgetting: console launches suck.

There are bugs, there are games that are designed solely for showing off new features instead of actually being, you know, good, and then everyone has to wait a few weeks for the real games to come out.

Josh Wirtanen over at GameZone puts it this way:

"Console launches tend to be followed by long lulls where nothing happens... Nintendo knows this. In fact, they've been Solid Snaking around in an upside-down cardboard box, stealthily trying to infiltrate our hearts once again.

Seriously, Nintendo is absolutely killing it right now. Enough that my Wii U and 3DS are going to easily carry me through the holiday season. I don't even need a PS4 or Xbox One for now."

Head over to GameZone to check out his Wii picks and find out why he's having so much fun with his Nintendo console right now. As Josh puts it, "all things considered, it's not a bad time to be a fan of Nintendo." We couldn't agree more.

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