"African Adventures" by Cabela's is Unplayable

Cabela's African Adventures is so glitchy that Pure Nintendo writer Trevor Gould couldn't even get through enough of it to provide a proper review. Anyone who's considering purchasing the game, beware - Trevor encountered multiple bugs, including getting stuck on terrain, and when he called ActiVision to ask for help they couldn't walk him through it:

"Activison's reps were friendly as they tried to walk me through the problems over multiple phone calls. But even though I recreated the bug(s) while I was on the phone with them, giving plenty of details when and where these odd occurrences were happening, they couldn't account for why the character would get stuck on open terrain, and they had no knowledge of the error messages popping up either. "

Curious about more game-stopping bugs? Check out the rest of his "review" here - and stay far away from African Adventures.

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