Lego Marvel Superheroes: #1 Kids Game on PS4

Next-gen Lego Marvel is the exact same game I reviewed over two weeks ago. TT Games didn't add anything new, so the PlayStation 4 version is just polishing things up a bit. The graphics have improved, but the game is based on Legos, so that's not saying much. There's some anti-aliasing (jaggies still appear), slightly better textures, a few new smoke effects, and the draw-distance has been pushed way out. It's still the same title at heart. That means over 130 Marvel characters to unlock, a cute story mode, and a ton of things to find and collect. For families with young kids, jump-in co-op means you can play the game with them or they can join you at any time.

The Rainbow Bridge looks a smidge better.

The best thing I can say about Lego Marvel Superheroes on PlayStation is I bought it myself. USgamer didn't receive a review copy of the game, but I went out and purchased it anyways. I love the game that much and I figured the definitive version with Vita Remote Play was worth $60. I don't regret the purchase at all. If you're on the fence, rent it and see if it makes you a True Believer too. Tell Lego Stan Lee I sent you.

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