"Contrast" Review: Gorgeous, but Glitchy

The handwritten note you find on the coffee table reads like a heart breaking. It begins crisply and awkwardly, with the gravitas of someone not used to being official. Then, the panic swells and each throb of grief brings out more and more crossed-out remarks, until the ending is just a blur of lines. This is not the letter from a woman in charge of her faculties, this is a plea from a mother down on her knees. "Please don't take away my little girl. She is the one thing that keeps me from going crazy."

It's disquieting without ever being in the forefront of your experience with Contrast. The entreaty that Kay Knight writes to Child Services is a collectible, one of the many littering this phantasmagorical world of 1930's gangsters and cabaret singers. Neither Didi, the dark-eyed pixie at the heart of the story, nor any of the adults you encounter ever remark on the things you find. They're not plot devices but supplemental material, your way of peeling back the curtains on this microcosm of broken families. Reality can be unkind even when no one wants to talk about it...

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