CoD: Ghosts Runs At 720P On PS4 Until Patched

In what's known now as "Resolutiongate," Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin revealed that the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts would run at 720p native resolution upscaled to 1080p while the PlayStation 4 version will run at 1080p natively.

As it turns out, those claims are not entirely true. After testing a retail copy of the PS4 version of CoD: Ghosts, Digital Foundry found that multiplayer runs at 1080p native resolution but single player runs at an upscaled 720p.

Activision acknowledged the findings and promised to release a day one patch that would enable single player to run at 1080p natively.

"There was a configuration issue in the retail version on single-player mode only," the company issued a statement. "This has been addressed with a day one software update. People will be able to download the day one update when PlayStation 4 launches in their territory and play at native 1080p."

There are still no indications regarding a similar patch for Xbox One.

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