Review: "Killzone: Shadow Fall" Disappoints

I feel like I really ought to enjoy Killzone: Shadow Fall. It has many of the qualities I enjoy in a first-person shooter: A strong emphasis on story in its single-player mode, an elaborate futuristic world, varied level design, and a willingness to stray from the corridor shooter style so common to the modern FPS. Yet somehow, I detest it.

You see, along with all these sterling qualities, Shadow Fall includes a slate of poor choices, all brought together in a stitched-together hodgepodge of ideas plucked from every million-selling shooter of the past decade. Usually the worst ideas. You love escort missions, right? First-person jumping challenges? Scripted sequences with unclear, constantly changing directives that can only be cleared by scrupulous memorization via trial and error? Sudden, arbitrary mechanical changes in sections featuring skills you never knew your character had?

Killzone includes all of these things, and they're every bit as terrible here as they were in the other games where you hated them the first time around. Unlike those other games, though, Killzone lacks a real personality to call its own. It's more like a soulless run-through of a "bad FPS design cliché" checklist. Don't get me wrong -- I honestly do believe developer Guerrilla Games has invested a tremendous amount of care and effort into crafting the series' universe. I just don't feel like they hit the mark. The world of Killzone...

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