Microsoft Congratulates Sony on PS4 Launch

We didn't see this coming, but we like it. This morning, the Xbox team congratulated Sony on its PS4 launch with a Tweet. It's a welcome change of pace from the snarky commentary that's so prevalent in the gaming world, especially in light of the PS4's launch issues. Here's the tweet:

Warm fuzzies all around. In addition to the official tweet, Xbox team members Larry Hryb and Phil Spencer congratulated Sony through their personal accounts.

Launching a new console is stressful. Call us naive, but at the end of the day, we hope Microsoft and Sony really want to make gamers happy - not just sell more products - and nothing makes gamers more happy than a successful product launch. True, we can't know for sure whether this sentiment was genuine or just a shrewd PR move, but does it really matter at this point?

We'll keep our eyes peeled for Sony's response to the Xbox One launch next week. [via GameZone]

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