Are More Consumers Interested in the PS4 Than the Xbox 1?

MegaGames reports that after conducting a survey of over 5,000 players, Intergi Entertainment found that 58% said they were planning on purchasing a PlayStation 4 and 39% planned on buying an Xbox 1. The Wii U was barely in the running - only 1% of consumers surveyed said they were planning on buying Nintendo's console.

In addition, PlayStation held a lead in many other categories, including design and controller innovation. Xbox caught up in the launch lineup category, where Sony and Microsoft were basically tied. However, the survey did not reveal specific statistics about the population surveyed, which may have skewed results. Hardcore gamers have been singing the PS4's praises around the internet for months, but there are other consumers with major purchasing power - namely, families - that might be swayed by the Xbox's more comprehensive media features. We'll have to wait until launch day to see which console comes out on top.

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