Heart Attack Victim Dies As 911 Dispatcher Texts

A 911 dispatcher was suspended for three days for texting with her personal cell phone while her trainee bungled an emergency call, which may have contributed to a Florida man's death. In a further twist, Certified Training Officer Shauna Justice was subsequently arrested for pointing a gun at a reporter who approached her trying to get her side of the story, as ClickOrlando reports.

Justice was suspended for three days after video showed she was texting on her phone while the subordinate she was training handled the 911 call that came in reporting Bob Hill's collapse on a racquetball court.

Hill, 58, was dead by the time help arrived 15 minutes later. Video footage obtained by Click Orlando showed Justice using her cell phone while the trainee accidentally sent the ambulance to the wrong location following a miscommunication with the person reporting the emergency.

In the 911 call, the caller clearly states the cross streets of his location, but misstates the wrong name of the center, Click Orlando reports. It took the trainee dispatcher 10 minutes of guiding the caller through CPR with his friend to realize he had sent the ambulance to the wrong destination.

"It's a big mistake and again it could have cost him his life," friend Ed Mallaire told a reporter for Local 6. "With the help of his supervisor together they should have made everything go right. They should have been there right away. Not in 14 minutes."

Further complicating matters, Justice pulled the gun and threatened a local TV reporter. She was arrested and taken to jail and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said there will be an internal investigation filed for the incident.
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