Xbox Snap Lets You Watch TV While You Play

We've heard a little about Xbox Snap before, the feature that lets you multitask mid-game, but it's time we got it right from the horses mouth. So listen in kids, as Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for Xbox, breaks it down for you.

Scroll down for the full video.

The video begins as Yusuf is driving around in Forza 5, having a grand old time. But he feels like checking in with his friends, so he gives a quick voice command to the Xbox and it opens up his friends feed right alongside the game, also pausing it for him. However you can continue to play while the feed is still up.

Yusuf also pulls up internet explorer - though it does take a little while to load - which lets you browse while you play. He highlights that this might be good for checking out walkthroughs, game guides or instructional videos.

Finally, he brings up the ESPN channel in snap mode, letting him watch TV while he plays. He describes it as "two things at once," as if they's somehow 100 percent better than one thing at once.

It's interesting to note that Microsoft has focused on players finding help with their game from the internet, whereas Sony, with its sharing features on the PS4, seems to be more focused on allowing your friends to help you.

Which do you guys think is the better strategy?

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