Why 3-D Printer Stocks Popped Today

Why 3-D Printer Stocks Popped Today

Three-dimensional printer stocks kicked off the week with fresh gains on Monday. Shares of 3D Systems surged 8.7% to a high of $76.38 for the day, while rival Stratasys gained nearly 7% to reach a daily high of $127.26. The upswing comes on the heels of a pivotal product launch for 3D Systems.

On Friday, 3D Systems introduced the first 3-D scanner designed for consumers. At an entry-level price of just $399, the new 3D Systems Sense 3D scanner aims to be a game=changer not only for 3D Systems, but also for the 3-D printing industry at large. You see, until now 3-D printing technology was used primarily for industrial manufacturing because of the high cost of the technology.

However, 3D Systems' new affordably priced Sense scanner could be the stepping stone to wider adoption. The product is a direct competitor to Stratasys' Digitizer scanner, which sells for $1,400 today. Ultimately, if this technology can be sold to the average consumer, it would be a boon to 3-D printer stocks. Shares of 3D Systems are up more than 97% year to date, compared with a 48% climb for shares of Stratasys.

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