No Next-Gen Console? Don't Worry — There's Still Lots to Play

The newest generation of gaming is almost upon us. By the time this month is over, PS3s and 360s will officially be "last gen" machines. While some gamers are eagerly awaiting their brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the rest of us are stuck with the consoles we already have.

However, the curtain hasn't fallen on this generation just yet. There are a number of great looking games on the horizon. Here are a few of the many reasons you don't need a next gen console to have a good time.


Dark Souls 2 looks to be the most hardcore and harrowing Souls game yet. The relentlessly difficult action-RPG, will, like its predecessors, be set in an open world where other players can help or hinder your progress. While Dark Souls 2 promises to be more accessible than previous games in the series, it definitely won't be easy...

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