How to Make Skyrim Look Next-Gen For Free

Who needs a PS4? Grab these great mods and make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim look next-gen for free!

Being the Dragonborn isn't easy.

Not only do you have to contend with ravenous, house-sized lizards, you've also got to wrangle dubious physics, questionable A.I and mostly-okay-but-sometimes-meh textures. Still, that's what we do for love, we battle with Besthesda's bugs and Skyrim's inadequacies. No pains, no perks -- if you're running a console version of Skyrim, that is.

There are many reasons as to why PC people consider their platform the "master race". One of them is the presence of mods. If you've never downloaded a mod before, you really should start now. Mods can do everything. They can slather a new coat of paint onto an aging game, install entirely new locations, introduce fresh quests and even fresher faces, and even make your lady friends a little more curvier. Needless to say, Skyrim's home to entire nations of mods.

While lazily thumbing through Nexusmod's repository can be a weekend delight, not everyone can sink time into the process. For those of you who'd rather skip the hunt, we've got an exhaustive list of mods prepared. To kick things off, let's check out some of the best non-ENB environment-altering mods.

We don't always notice the little things in life. The play of sunlight on a lover's hair, the red robin's song, the crunch of gravel under a dragon's feet as it barrels headlong for your intestines. Audio Overhaul is exactly what it sounds like: an impressive overhaul of Skyrim's ambient sounds. What's really awesome about this mod is that it isn't so much about introducing new elements as it is about refining the existing audio. Much of what it is does is subtle in nature: corrections in how sounds reflect across the environment, altered frequency content and a medley of more diverse footsteps. Best of all, the creator, who purportedly works in the triple-A industry during the day, has made it a point to ensure the mod consumes as little resources as possible.

Download the mod here

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