Age of Empires II Gets A New Expansion

Age of Empires II has gotten its first expansion in over 10 years. The Forgotten releases today on Steam.

The expansion pack costs $9.99 and is compatible with Age of Empires II HD. According to the Steam page of the game , the expansion pack adds:

Five New Age of Empires II HD Civilizations

Italians - Set sail to Venice and take the role as general in one of the Italian republics that emerged from the chaos after the collapse of the Roman Empire!
Indians - Put vast armies under your command, comprised of countless Camels and powerful Elephants.
Slavs – Even after the dissolution of the Mongolian Golden Horde, these icy planes of Eastern Europe still echo under the thundering hooves and countless boots of your soldiers.
Magyars - Lead the mighty Black Army over the Hungarian plains and command the fiercest cavalry forces that Europe has ever witnessed in the Middle Ages
Incas - Lead your armies along the shores of Lake Titicaca, defend your wealth and heritage from the invading Conquistadors and erect mighty structures to withstand the test of time.

Four New Age of Empires II HD Campaigns

Alaric: The trauma of the Hun invasion in the 4th century has shaped Alaric, the fearsome warrior king of the Goths. But can the beloved king secure a new homeland for his people in the territory of the collapsing Roman Empire?
Sforza: Always hungry for glory and wealth, Sforza wanders around 15th century Italy, offering his services to the highest bidder. Will he pick the right battles or make the wrong enemy? Take the fate of the young mercenary captain in your hands.
Bari: 400 years after the collapse of the Roman Empire, Italy is still up for grabs. Relive the tale of the port city Bari from the point of view of a Byzantine family, rising from the common soldiery to the nobility. Beware, for not only Bari is at stake, but also control of Southern Italy.
Dracula: History forged an incredible legend around the man who ruled Wallachia in the mid-14th century. Holding his ground against the vast armies of the expanding Ottoman Empire, his cruel tactics made him the most feared man in all of Eastern Europe. Shall his thirst for blood and the loyalty of his soldiers hold the Turks back for good?

The Age of Empires II HD expansion also comes with a new map size, intergration support and two new game modes. I have to say that I am impressed by the amount of content here, this is a substantial expansion and it definitely seems worth the money.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to be getting Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten and whether you think it looks like it is worth the price.

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