Take A Look Under PS4's Hood

If you've been wanting to see what it looks like when you open up a PS4, then now's your chance as the boys at Wired have done just that.

In the video, we see Sony's director of engineering, Yoshuhiro Ootori not only unbox the next-gen console, but open it up too, showing us all the innards, from the x86 processor to the heatsink and the memory chips, the fan, hard drive enclosure - it's all covered and it's impressively neat. What is interesting to take note of though, is how unfriendly the interior is. While the outside looks solid, polished and secure, the inside once opened up looks like any of millions of cheaply made PCs with its bare metal and sharp edges.

It's impressive to note how sparse the PCB is. Anyone who's used to working inside a PC will be amazed to see the space between components. One look at any modern GPU makes it clear how much of a premium space can be - not so on much of the PS4's mainboard.

The heatsink is also notable, for its copper heatpipes and thinly spaced aluminum fins - a massive improvement over what we've seen in a lot of the early iterations of the current-gen's console cooling. It also only uses one fan, an 85mm centrifugal - not after-market either, a PS4 designed fan specifically for a PS4.

I love that the guy has all those separate screwdrivers. Aside from being kind of cute at how organised it is, be ready if you're planning to open up it up though, this means there's probably some of those irritating hex screws, with the nub in the middle.

What did you guys think of it all? Anything worth point out that we missed?

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