Review: Angry Bunnies

Angry Bunnies makes no secret of trying to successfully copy popular phone darling Angry Birds (which itself is no stranger to copy claims, but let's not get into that now). It's no wonder Angry Birds served as inspiration for Cypronia, given how popular the games have become. They've grown into a true marketing juggernaut that can't be ignored, even if it might be hard for those who only game on consoles and handhelds to understand. Angry Bunnies, as is clear from the title, is quite similar to Rovio Entertainment's flagship series. In fact it's so similar, it goes beyond a mere homage, and is dangerously flirting with outright ripoff!

Now this isn't the first time Cypronia's taken a popular mobile game and put their own twist on it. I enjoyed Cake Ninja which is basically Fruit Ninja reworked, and I also got some enjoyment out of Angry Bunnies near carbon copy gameplay too, at least early on. Which isn't to say I can give it much of a recommendation ... it has too many faults. But the popular gameplay of Angry Birds still manages to shine through, in part, even in this cloned form. So let me shake the dirty feeling that I'm playing some kind of bootleg fan hack long enough to share my review of Angry Bunnies...

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