Google Employees Confess The Worst Parts Of Working For Google

Earns Google
AP Photo/Paul SakumaGoogle worker riding a bike at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

By Jim Edwards

A job at Google. It's career heaven, right? How could a gig at the biggest, most ambitious tech company on the planet possibly be bad? Well, take a look at this Quora thread, which is being used by current and former Google employees to dish the dirt on working for Big G.

We've edited some of the standout comments into this excerpt.

Everyone is awesome, so they can hire the very best people to do even the most mundane jobs.

"The worst part of working at Google, for many people, is that they're overqualified for their job. Google has a very high hiring bar due to the strength of the brand name, the pay and perks, and the very positive work culture. As a result, they have their pick of bright candidates, even for the most low-level roles."